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Our Plant Team

Our Plant Team

Our competitive advantage is that our people care about our customers and the success of our and their business. They bring potential issues to the forefront to potentially save our customers from being dissatisfied with their project being completed on time and on budget, regardless of whether or not we were responsible for the issue.

The average length of tenure of our employees is over 14 years. They have dealt with all different types of metal and all different types of products. They know that some products require special taping, capping, hanging, packaging and overall care when they get powder coated.

They know what type of coating works best with what type of products. They know the potential issues that different products may present when they get powder coated and we work with our customers to overcome these issues.

All of our employees know and understand that without our customers we have no business and they are enthusiastic and diligent about making sure our customers’ expectations are exceeded.